My Flipping Life by Michele Corwin


My Flipping Life

The Furniture Flipping Guide for People Who Want More than Just a Hobby

  In My Flipping Life, Michele Corwin guides you through how to grow a thriving business flipping furniture. She teaches you how to transform your home on a budget while making a profit, and how to scale your flipping business to the next level of products and eCommerce.

  Michele Corwin shares her own personal rags to riches story, but also offers you a fast track method to get your business started with no money at all.

  The color-coded pages allow for quick referencing, and our step-by-step tutorials are designed for the beginner or pro. My Flipping Life gives you practical tips and tricks that will inspire you to start flipping furniture and will instill in you the confidence to get started right away, even if you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before in your life.



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